Skills for Work

Our Skills for Work programme provides education and training for full or part-time employees as part of the Government’s National Skills Strategy. We provide flexible and supportive programmes leading to levels 1 – 3 on the National Framework of Qualifications and aim to meet the needs of both employers and employees and improving workplace literacy, numeracy and I.T. skills. Courses include Information Technology Skills, Culinary Skills and Health and Safety.


Explore is a Regional Skills initiative developed to help address the issue of low participation in lifelong learning. The initiative particularly targets those aged 35+ years of age in manufacturing sectors.

We aim to address the lack of digital skills by providing a novel approach to overcome barriers to participation in lifelong learning.

Skills to Advance

Our Skills to Advance scheme provides upskilling and reskilling opportunities to equip employees in entry or lower-level jobs. Working closely with small and medium-sized enterprises, Skills to Advance helps employers identify skills needs and invest in their workforce by providing heavily funded education and training to staff.


Our Traineeship programmes offer structured training and learning in an education setting as well as in the workplace. We aim to improve employment outcomes for participants and increase retention and productivity within industry.

Some of our current Traineeships include Media Production Assistant, Aquaculture, Engineering Technology, Outdoor Sport and Recreation and Beauty Therapy.

Employer Services Contact Information

Lorraine Thornton
087 3371151