Employer Services

The Employer Engagement Unit works in collaboration with employers in Galway and Roscommon to provide work based learning opportunities to support employee development.

Our team of professionals can support your business by identifying training needs through conducting a funded training needs analysis with your business. We will work with you to design and develop programmes based on your organisational requirements. In addition, we will signpost you to the appropriate supports and services within our Further Education and Training.

You can read testimonials from employers who have availed of our employee development support through West Regional Skills Forum here.

For employees, our evening, weekend and part-time programmes offer exciting options to broaden your knowledge and skill base and our Back to Education Initiative will provide you with the educational opportunity you may have missed out on. For full and up to date listing of courses available, please go to www.fetchcourses.ie.

Our Adult Guidance and Information Service is available to provide you with support on the educational options available to you, based on your requirements.

Please contact our Employer Engagement Team

Lorraine Thornton at lorraine.thornton@gretb.ie or 0873371151


Employee Development – Funded Education and Training Opportunities

Skills for Work

Courses are accredited and non-accredited

Our Skills for Work programme provides fully funded education and training for full or part-time employees as part of the Government’s National Skills Strategy. We provide flexible and supportive programmes leading to Levels 1 – 3 on the National Framework of Qualifications aimed at increasing skills and career progression whilst promoting awareness of lifelong learning to adult learners with minimum levels of formal education. Courses may  include but are not limited to Information Technology Skills, Culinary Skills, Health and Safety, English Language and Communication Skills.

Please contact our Skills for Work Coordinator

Anne Maria Egan at annemaria.egan@gretb.ie or 0860755269 for more details.



EXPLORE is Regional Skills initiative which is fully funded offering a flexible opportunity to boost employee’s digital skills, adaptability and productivity.

The initiative particularly targets those aged 35+ years of age in manufacturing sectors.

We aim to address the lack of digital skills by providing a novel approach to overcome barriers to participation in lifelong learning and provide employees with the confidence and competency to use modern technology.

Please contact our Skills for Work Coordinator

Anne Maria Egan at annemaria.egan@gretb.ie or 0860755269 for more details.


Skills to Advance

Our Skills to Advance scheme provides upskilling and reskilling opportunities to equip employees in entry or lower-level jobs.  Working closely with small and medium-sized enterprises, Skills to Advance helps employers identify skills needs and invest in their workforce by providing partial or fully funded education and training to staff.

Skills to Advance courses are accredited and can lead to qualifications at Level 4 – 6 on the National Framework of Qualifications with current courses in subjects such as Leadership and Management, Training and Development, and Customer Service in Industry.

A full overview of the scheme is available here


Apprenticeships and Traineeships


Apprentices are employees who embark on a programme of structured education and training which formally combines and alternates learning in the work place with learning in an education or training centre.

For more information on apprenticeships visit www.apprenticeship.ie or email us at apprenticeship@gretb.ie.


Our Traineeship programmes offer structured training and learning in an education setting as well as in the workplace, with up to 16 weeks funded work placement in some traineeships. We aim to improve employment outcomes for participants and increase retention and productivity within industry.

Some of our current Traineeships include Media Production Assistant, Aquaculture, Engineering Technology, Outdoor Sport and Recreation and Beauty Therapy.

In-Company Work Placements

Many of our courses within Further Education and Training have been designed to incorporate a work placement. Work placements are a valuable opportunity for our learners to learn from professionals to enable them to apply their theoretical knowledge and practical skills within a real-life work setting.

Industry Liaison

As part of our liaison with industry we welcome input from employers as Guest Speakers to provide insights to our learners through your expertise. This learning opportunity provides a window for our learners to gain valuable knowledge and skills.

In addition, we welcome the opportunity for our teachers and instructors at GRETB to gain applied insights into new methods of working through Site Visits within Industry.

Please contact our Employer Engagement Officer

Lorraine Thornton at lorraine.thornton@gretb.ie or 0873371151.