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The cornerstone of GRETB’s Youth Advocacy Service is to enable, empower and advocate for 16-25 years old Early School Leavers (ESL), or those who are at risk of doing so, with little or no academic qualifications.

The Advocacy service provides support, mentoring and alternative options in a one-to-one confidential setting. Often this specifically targeted group come from marginalised backgrounds; socio-economic disadvantaged, socially isolated, present with mental health and wellbeing issues, have/had adverse childhood experiences or poor current and past educational experiences.

By working closely in a supporting role with this vulnerable target group the Advocacy service strives to bring about positive change in their lives, using our unique person-centred approach, assisting the client in progressing towards education, training, or employment, and ultimately independent living.

For further information on this free and confidential service please contact:

North and East County Galway Advocate: Conor Griffin 0879885968

County Roscommon Advocate: Marie Hill 0860206121

South County Galway Advocate: Bartley Joyce 0879540954