Child and Youth Creative Participation and Engagement

Galway and Roscommon ETB is pleased to have been chosen as one of six regions across Ireland to develop a Local Creative Youth Partnership (LCYP), part of the Government’s Creative Ireland programme.

LCYPs combine a wide range of resources including developing local networks with organisations to provide out-of-school creative opportunities for children and young people that complement and work with the formal settings in a non-mainstream manner.

We are managing the development of the Galway and Roscommon LCYP and have commenced a research process to understand what is currently happening for creative development of young people across the two counties, and to gain insights into how best to design, develop and deliver new opportunities for creative participation and engagement by children and young people in Galway and Roscommon into the future.

A consultation element forms part of the research and we have developed a range of surveys to elicit the views of children and young people, educators and parents so that the development of the LCYP reflects the needs of communities at local level.

Hearing their views will be essential to the development of a range of appropriate services for children and young people and we would be very grateful if you were able to assist in gathering this information by creating visibility of the survey via your communication channels and across your local services and programmes as appropriate, and indeed in completing the relevant survey yourself.

There are three surveys available:

GRETB Local Creative Youth Partnership – Creative Providers Survey

Galway and Roscommon Local Creative Youth Partnership – Those working with children and young people/Educators/Parents Survey

Children and Young People’s Participation in Creativity in Galway and Roscommon

Surveys will remain open until 17:00 hours on 30 January 2022.